Promote Movie

What You Can Do...

There are two big hurdles with a production of this sort: publicity and distribution—that is, unless you become our local publicity agent and distributor. Here is what you can do:

  1. Spread all over your world (and with the Internet that’s as big as you want it to be). On social media and email, use attention-grabbing subject headings like “Movie debunks evolution,” “Dawkins promoted this movie to 750,000 Twitter followers,” etc. Try to imagine what would make you click a link and watch the movie.

  2. Send the link to media outlets. Contact local and national newspapers, radio stations, blogs, etc. Tell them this is big news. Send them to our media page on where they can get graphics, bios, and other resources for a story.

  3. Use the EvG cover image or profile pic. Visit to get your Facebook graphics.

  4. Encourage students to host a school screening during the lunch hour (they can legally do this).

  5. Buy low-cost DVDs in bulk and give them out at high schools/colleges (as students go in or leave school). Ten or more DVDs are $2 each.

  6. Pass it on to your church’s youth leader. EvG makes for a fantastic youth outreach event (mention “free pizza” and youth will come by the busloads). More than any other age group, teenagers are being targeted with evolution indoctrination. Find ways to get this to our youth!

  7. Send DVDs or the link to influential leaders. Send it to pastors, political leaders, apologetics websites, schools, celebrities, homeschooling groups, etc. Ask them to tweet about it or mention it on Facebook.

  8. Screen it at your local parent/teachers meeting. Ask your school board to watch it or screen it for them.

  9. Ask your pastor to show it on a Sunday morning, even if it’s just the first 14 minutes where evolution is debunked. Order DVDs for your church and either resell them or make them freely available in the lobby.

  10. Contact churches in your city/state. Give the pastor the DVD or send him the link, or host a pastors’ dinner/breakfast where you screen the movie and give them this information.

  11. Suggest that Christian teachers in public or private schools show at least the first 14 minutes of the movie—simply to educate students about evolution (the first 14 minutes don’t mention God or intelligent design). While giving the source credit for the film, they can mention that the video clip came from, where anyone can view the entire movie free online.

Please use this incredible tool to reach this dying world—to expose the lie of evolution and bring people the gospel. Thank you, and may God bless your efforts, for His glory.

Ray Comfort