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Movie that Debunks Evolution to Premiere in Tenn. Near Anniversary of Scopes 'Monkey Trial'

July 18, 2013    Christian Newswire

A controversial new movie that debunks evolution will premiere in Tennessee, almost 88 years to the day after the famous Scopes "Monkey Trial."

Titled "Evolution vs. God," its producer Ray Comfort says, "Hollywood's 1960 movie Inherit the Wind was their own fictionalized version of the Tennessee-based Scopes trial, intentionally portraying creationists as simple-minded hicks who had blind faith in the Bible and rejected the evidence for evolution. But this new film is going to show that it is Darwinian evolution that rests on nothing but blind faith, and that it is bogus science."

According to Comfort, the film is essentially a second Scopes trial, putting evolutionary scientists from UCLA and USC on the witness stand and challenging them to present evidence for the theory. The movie includes a statement by Professor Richard Dawkins about faith, which Comfort believes will...
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New Film Shakes Darwinism's Foundational Beliefs

July 14, 2013    CBN News

Best-selling author and TV co-host Ray Comfort has a new movie out he says will shake the foundations of Darwinian belief.

The movie is called "Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith." Comfort said he believes the film brings to the forefront the one question scientist don't want to hear, "Is there observable evidence to support the perspective of Darwinian evolution?"

The proponent of Intelligent Design said the film will disprove Darwinian evolution.

According to Christian News Service, one reviewer said...
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Thousands Flock to Download Movie that Debunks Evolution; Atheists Furious

July 12, 2013    Christian News Service

Los Angeles, Calif. July 12, 2013 - CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE - A new documentary that debunks evolution became available this week and it has atheists furious. Evolution vs. God became available July 9 on the Internet and has since seen thousands of downloads.

"We had no idea that there would be a response like this, but it shows that this is an issue of great concern to a lot of people," said Ray Comfort, best-selling author, TV co-host and producer of the movie. "It was Sir Isaac Newton who said that atheism 'is so senseless.' How could anyone believe that nothing created everything? That's scientifically impossible."

Comfort maintains Evolution vs. God seeks to show a Creator is behind everything.

"I ask university students and scientists from UCLA and USC if they think things are intelligently designed," said Comfort. "None of them do. So I ask them to make me a rose 'from nothing.' They flounder like a gasping fish on an African mudflat. They don't know where to start. It's wonderful to finally see these people who think they are so smart confronted with common sense. This movie puts a powerful weapon into our hands in the battle against senselessness."

Dave Muscato, Public Relations Director American Atheists, Inc., said,

"Oh, Ray. I am so disappointed in you." He went on to say, "Ask experts to define evolution, and then USE that definition from then on. The modern definition of evolution is not the same one used 150 years ago; science has progressed during that time!...Faith is firm or unwavering belief in a claim despite a lack of evidence or despite evidence to the contrary. Confidence is trust in the veracity of a claim only to the degree to which it is supported with evidence. We do NOT have 'faith' that evolution is true. We have confidence, because we have evidence…We are not 'related to' primates; we ARE primates."

David L. "He is a Christian fundamentalist extremist who will tell any lie to further his cause. He is scum. A vile [w]retch of a human being…. He is a coward."

Ludwig R. "The human race is doomed with people like Comfort walking around."

Comfort says he understands why atheists are so angry.

"They cling to faith in evolution because it's their beloved doorway into unending and exciting pleasures in this sad and sometimes boring world," said Comfort. "If there's no God and everything happened through a random process of evolution over millions of years, then fornication isn't morally wrong. It's fine—it's simply an animal instinct to procreate our species. It gives the green light to pornography, homosexuality, adultery, and anything else that society thinks is morally okay. This movie is more than a wet blanket; it's a Niagara Falls. It's the ultimate party pooper because it uniquely exposes—using the words of evolutionary scientists at prestigious universities the lunacy of Darwinian evolution."

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The trailer can be seen on Downloads are now available at the site. It will be released on DVD and YouTube August 7th. Comfort will fly out from California to be at the World Premiere Sevierville, TN July 22: Answers Mega Conference

To schedule an interview with Ray Comfort contact Jen Thompson at 562-207-9315 or email

Evolutionists Already Trying to Do Damage Control

July 10, 2013    Around AiG

I encourage you to read the following press release about the new movie Evolution vs. God produced by Ray Comfort of the ministry Living Waters. AiG will host the world premiere of this movie at the AiG Mega Conference later this month near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Evolutionists are certainly aware that this movie is coming out. I've seen a number of their blogs that make all sorts of claims about the movie in their attempts to discredit it (even though they haven't seen it yet)—it's their attempt at "damage control." Regardless of how well-done this movie is, the evolutionists will claim they were taken out of context, creationists don't understand that evolution is happening, and it just requires time, etc.

As they usually do, the evolutionists in the film appeal to observable changes in living things as proof that evolution is happening. But these changes do not add brand-new information into the genes that is necessary to even begin proposing a molecules-to-man evolution. The bottom line is
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Evolution vs. God' Movie So Popular It Crashes Evangelical Leader's Website: 'It's Going to Take Down Evolution'

July 10, 2013    The Blaze

Evangelical leader Ray Comfort is making waves in both Christian and science circles with his new "Evolution vs. God" movie. After releasing the 38-minute short film online on Tuesday, Comfort said that downloads were so rampant that his website crashed.

"It began slowly and built to over 1,000 people. That's a huge amount of people to be downloading an entire movie, and it proved to be too much for our site. It crashed," he told TheBlaze in an e-mail interview.

While tech problems are never welcome, in this case, Comfort said that the demand for "Evolution vs. God" was encouraging, as it showed...
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Answers in Genesis to Host World Premiere of Movie that
Exposes Evolution as Bogus Science

July 7, 2013    Christian News Service

Los Angeles, Calif -- Christian News Service -- A new movie that makes the bold claim that it debunks Darwinian evolution will be hosted by Answers in Genesis at their Answers Mega conference July 22 near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the popular Creation Museum, said that the controversial movie “will rock the creation/evolution world!” And he's not the only one to praise Evolution vs. God. Reviewers have responded similarly with...
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Scientist Cries Foul over New Evolution Movie

July 3, 2013    Christian News Service

CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE — A high-profile atheist and scientist is crying foul after an interview featured in the new film Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith produced by best-selling author and TV co-host, Ray Comfort.

American biology professor at the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM) and author of the science blog Pharyngula, Paul Zachary “PZ” Myers headline his blog with
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Latest Ray Comfort Film to 'Shatter the Faith of the Average Believer in Evolution'

June 29, 2013    Christian News Service

BELLFLOWER, Cal. – A major evangelistic ministry is preparing to launch a 30-minute documentary that Christian leaders say will offer a “devastating,” “lights out” challenge to the evolutionary worldview.

Living Waters, a California-based ministry founded by influential evangelist Ray Comfort, has produced several groundbreaking resources over the years, including The Evidence Bible and “The Way of the Master” evangelism course. In late 2011, the ministry released the phenomenally...
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