We want to get a million "Evolution vs. God" DVD's into the hands of people from every segment of society—including students in learning institutions around the world. Help us to achieve this by purchasing DVD's in lots of ten or more, for just $2.50 each and giving them away. For quantities of 500 or more you can get them for $1.50 each—and they are only $1.00 each for orders of 1,000 or more copies.

Simply call (800) 437-1893 or visit livingwaters.com to place your order.

We have given out thousands of our other DVD's at schools here in Southern California—and it's always a great joy to do so. The cover graphics for "Evolution vs. God" present it as a DVD that educates about evolution—and that's exactly what it does. For other practical ways to promote this film, please go to "Promote" page of this website.

Sponsor a School Giveaway
If you would like to purchase 500 DVD copies of "Evolution Vs. God" for $1.50 each (1,000 or more $1 each), we will get them into the hands of high school/university students throughout the U.S. Just call 1(800) 437-1893 and say that you would like to sponsor a school giveaway.

1 Million Across America!
Our goal is to get Evolution vs. God into the hands of 1 million people across the US. Each time you order a DVD to give to a friend, family member, classmate or for a giveaway, we’ll note it on here. This map will be updated regularly to keep you posted on the progress.

529,225 Total DVDs