Atheist Reviews

“I can't believe I watched the whole thing.”
― PZ Myers, PhD

“Worst documentary ever.”
― Aaron Whitman

“Your movie was horrible...sad and pathetic.” ― April Brumett

“How about not including idiots in your video.” ― Philip Ware


“Evolution vs. God sheds light on a backward way of thinking. I can't imagine an atheist watching this and not being shaken. Well done!”
― Alex Kendrick, producer of Fireproof and Courageous

“Evolution vs. God will rock the creation and evolution world!”
― Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

“Exciting and revealing. It keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through.”
― Henry M. Morris III, CEO, Institute for Creation Research, Dallas, Texas

Ray Comfort does it again! With simplicity and keen insight on the streets, he pulls back the curtain of Evolution and reveals that the Great Wizard of Darwinism is just an insecure little man with a dream of becoming a god. I highly recommend this helpful, faith-building, and inspiring video for families, teachers, and pastors!
― Kirk Cameron, Actor

“Excellent. Superbly done.”
― Phil Johnson, PyroManiacs

“Ray Comfort's got a fabulous film. Oh boy, this is going to cause the halls of academia to have a few conversations around the cafeteria.”
— Janet Parshall,In the Market with Janet Parshall

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
― Randy Jones, Pres. Word of Truth

“Fascinating and eye-opening. Every student and every parent should watch it!”

― Randy Alcorn

“Fascinating. Highly revealing. You will be amazed at what the experts themselves have to say!”

― Jason Lisle

“Ray Comfort's ability to insightfully shred the vain reasoning's of men is a gift, and this film is a tour de force exposure of the emptiness of humanism.”

― James White

“Absolutely excellent.”
― Paul Taylor, Creation Today

“Wow!!! I got goose bumps watching. Dawkins will have a cow.”
― Ron Fathauer, GospelCry

“Wow! Engaging.”
― Frank Turek,

“Another winner!”
― Eric Rader, Creation & Earth History Museum

― Jim Fletcher,

“Revealing, thought-provoking, and challenging.”
― Norm Geisler

“Absolutely devastating! If it were a boxing match, the ref would have stopped your interviews with all of those people, including the professors.”
― Pastor Bruce Garner, CrossPoint

― Francine Rivers

“Enlightening as well as entertaining—because it forces evolutionists to exercise a mental muscle that they apparently haven't used in a while.”
― Eric Hovind, President Creation Today

“Not since 'Expelled' has anything been done that is as important as this.”
― Carl D. Kerby, President, Reasons for Hope

“Wow! Very encouraging to see a tactical and practical method to expose the lies which permeate our culture.”

― Jayson Payne
, Museum Curator, Creation & Earth History Museum

“Confronts the absurdity of atheism with the same power with which '180' confronts the atrocity of abortion.”

― Paul Washer

“Kaboom! Pow! Lights out! Party's over!”
― Todd Friel, host, Wretched TV

“You've have outdone yourself with this video! Loved it!”
― Tim Wildmon, President AFA

“Ray Comfort has not only proved that belief in evolution requires faith, he has also demonstrated that it's a faith woefully devoid of evidence.”
― Joseph Farah, Chief Executive Officer, WND

“Most excellent…SIMPLE arguments to dismantle the atheist worldview.”
― Greg Elsasser, “Roman and Jorge”

“Ray Comfort has done it again. In this video he uncovers the illogic of the atheists' thinking as he shows people two things, how evolution falls short as a true scientific theory and how their belief in it is actually faith.”
― Matt Slick,

“An excellent fast-paced exposé.”
― David J Galloway, MD FRCS FRCS(Ed) FACS

“I worked in secular academics in the fields of molecular evolution and genomics as a lead researcher for many years and never came across any evidence for macro-evolution. It does not exist... As the movie stated, finches remain finches and sticklebacks remain sticklebacks – the observable evidence says this and so does the DNA. Great movie – it helps expose the truth about the reality of blind faith in evolution.”
― Dr. Jeff Tomkins PhD

“This is a tremendous movie and a fantastic tool for educating people about Intelligent Design…”
― The Dove Foundation

“A brilliant presentation that strips evolution of the illusion of reason.”
― Anthony Martin,